Born May 14, 2015


Our dogs are house pets, none of our dogs are kenneled. Our bitches' whelping box is set up in our bedroom, and remains there for the first 4 weeks of the puppies' lives. This gives me the opportunity to constantly monitor the puppies' temperaments, growth and care.

Due to the amount of time and energy devoted to our puppies we usually have one litter per year. We will never arrange a breeding unless we are absolutely convinced it will be an asset to the breed.

Naturally, all of our dogs have had their hip and eye clearances, all puppies have their eyes cleared before leaving, and are placed with a lifetime placement guarantee. This means that if, at any time in the life of the dog, you as the owner are no longer able to keep it, we want the dog back. We don't want any of our puppies ending up in an animal shelter or inferior home!

Puppy families will receive copies of both parents health clearances, as well as the puppy's. They'll also receive a 5 generation pedigree.

If you are interested in one of our puppies, please take the time to fill out my questionnaire. This not only helps me get to know you & what your needs are in a puppy, it also might trigger questions in your mind that you would like to ask me.




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(Natural Bob Tail * )

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For information on how to read a pedigree, read this.

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Ch Knockdown Drag Out At Sundown
17 Dec 2009, E167526

Ch Sundowns Burning Downthehouse
19 Oct 2003
CH Sundown's Burning DowntheHouse
Testimonys Walkin On Water
04 Aug 2000

Ch Summertime One Tough Testimony
CH Summertime's One Tough Testimony

Ch Summertimes Shades of Blue

CH Summertime's Shades of Blue

Ch Summertime Crimes of the Heart ROM
Ch  Foxpointes Kissin Kate  STDs UD GS-E JV-E-OP RS-E
CH Foxpointe's Kissin Kate
HOF Ch Jubilees Plain Brown Wrapper  CD CH Jubilee's Plain Brown Wrapper CD
HOF Sundowns Hot Blue Daisy Sundown's Hot Blue Daisy HOF
HOF Ch Sundowns A Rose Is A Rose
07 May 2000
Red C/W
HOF Ch Sundowns Sohapy Special Roo  GS-O JS-O RS-O
HOF Ch Rosewoods Red Hot Special
Ch Heartland Sweetheart
Black C/W
HOF Sundowns Special Elegance
Blue RF
Ch Summertimes Special Effects
Ch Kit And Kabootle of Sundown  CD
Blue C/W
ATCH IV/VNATCH (3) Taisho Macy Parade At Sundown RSE-OP, JSE-OP,
30 Jun 2002
Taisho Macy Parade At Sundown
Ch Sundowns Final Answer RS-O, JS-N, GS-N, NAC, NJC, TN-N
01 Mar 2000
Ch Sundowns Sohapy Special Roo  GS-O JS-O RS-O
HOF Ch Rosewoods Red Hot Special
Ch Heartland Sweetheart
Black C/W
Sundowns Formal Occasion
Black RF
HOF Ch Windhills Shine On Macon
Ch Frankly My Dear At Sundown
Red C/W
Taisho Luv A Parade At Sundown CDX, NA, RS-E, JS-E, GS-O, OAC, EJC, OGC
15 Feb 1994
Ch Indian Kellye of Starcross  CDX
Red Merle C/W
Ch Woodchips Rowdy Rascal CH Woodchip's Rowdy Rascal
Changing Colors of Starcross  CD
Red Merle C/W
Sundowns Sohapy Red Hot Kanga
Red C/W
HOF Ch  Rosewoods Red Hot Special
Daisy Maize of Sundown
Blue RF
True Blue Destiny One Moment In Time
Timberline's Orange Juice & Rum
Mill Creeks Patriotic Devotion
22 Jan 2006
Ch Aliyahs Patriot of MILL Creek ROMII
Ch  Mill Creeks Stonemeadow Scotsman   CH Mill Creek's Stonemeadow Scotsman
Montrose the Golden Harvest
Ch Carolina Calais Calico Rose
CH Carolina Calais Calico rose
Ch Calais Buck&Wing of Carolina  STDs CH Calais Buck & Wing of Carolina STDs
Ch Calais Lilmscantbwrng Evermore
Black C/W RF
Three Oaks Come Fly With Me Country Preacher of Mockingbird Hill
Ch  Rainydays Tinsel Town
19 Feb 1999   Blue C/W RF
Country Road Kila Fancynred
Red C/W
Mill Creeks Ez On My Mind
HOF Ch  McMatts Ez Going
HOF CH McMatt's Ez Going
Rivermedes Radiant Rubi
25 Jun 1998
Rivermede's Radiant Rubi
Ch Canyon Oaks Sierra Sunshine
09 Jan 2007
Woodlakes Master Tech
26 Aug 2001
CH Woodlake's Master Tech
HOF Ch Crazyhearts Talk To Me
CH Crazyheart's Talk To Me
BIS Ch Heatherhill Montel Williams
Ch Heatherhill Pagent CH Heatherhill's Pageant
Ch Woodlakes Gift of Sunshine
CH Woodlake's Gift of Sunshine
HOF Ch Windhills Shine On Macon
HOF Ch Starswepts Absolute Arrogance  STDcds
CH Starswept's Absolute Arrogance
Canyon Oaks Annie Lennox
29 Apr 2002

Ch Canyon Oaks Fire In the Sky
HOF Ch Crazyhearts Talk To Me CH Crazyheart's Talk To Me
Sugarwoods Panda Pooh Sugarwood's Panda Pooh
Donnybrooks Harlieanna Sierra
Ch Toppers Ace of Spades
Donnybrooks Good Ship Lollipop


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