Topnotch Jalapeno of Bonza 17 3/4"

Sienna's Red Hot to Trot 18 1/4"

Jally's next litter for me was an ASCA/AKC litter.

Reddi has a mellow personality, a plush coat, and a level topline. All of this would balance Jally's intensity, short coat, and poor topline. Though the puppies weren't minis (averaging 19"), I feel the cross was an invaluable addition to the mini breeding program.

This is the cross that produced my Belle, as well as Bonza Cayenne, who was exported to Sweden. Naturally, breeding a dog named Red Hot to Trot to a bitch named Jalapeno the puppies had to be given pepper names.

Bonza Cascabel, "Belle", at 7 weeks and 3 months.

Seamus at 6 weeks (left) and Tammy (Tamarind) (right)

Bonza Pablano (Reece) at 7 weeks and about 7 mo. with a friend.

I was contacted by Jessica Turppa of Sweden several years ago. She had been researching mini Aussies on the internet, and really liked my dogs. She wanted to bring a mini Aussie to Sweden, to be the foundation of the miniature Australian Shepherd in Europe. I wanted her to have just the right dog, this was going to be a major undertaking. I didn't want to ship a dog over there, only to have it mature in to a pet quality dog.

It is unfortunate that some dog breeders take advantage of situations like this to dump an inferior dog at an inflated price. I would never consider this, for moral or ethical reasons. My personal and professional reputations were at stake, and Jessica waited for over a year for this dog. She was also investing a large sum of money, not so much on the actual purchase price, but the flights, quarantine, and other incidentals of the purchase.

Importing a dog to Sweden requires blood tests, special certifications, and quarantine for several months in Sweden. Since I live in San Diego, it would also require an overnight stay in a 'doggie motel' in New York before the long flight over the Atlantic Ocean! It would take a dog with a very strong and stable temperament to handle the many stresses and changes that all of this would require.

Cayenne was not only the pick of the litter conformationally, but was a dominant and outgoing dog. She was a little spitfire, and so energetic that we could only take pictures of her if someone was holding her! I was confident that she could handle the move with flying colors.

Bonza Cayenne of Cabocoons with Aidan, 2 1/2

3 1/2 months, the day she left for Sweden.

Enjoying the greenery in Sweden, at 8 months.
This picture is special, because this is how her mother, Jally, used to lay. And it's how Cayenne's son, Casper lays, too!

Displaying her zest for life!

Cayenne at 17 months

Follow Cayenne and her offspring's career by going through the window. Don't worry, the dogs are nice!

Jessica found a quarantine center in Sweden where she would be allowed to visit Cayenne. The kennel owner was the top Great Dane breeder in Sweden. He fell in love with Cayenne and gave her extra attention. He was so impressed with her that when others came to visit the kennel he would show her off. A prominent Swedish judge admired Cayenne so much that he told Jessica if she ever saw him at a show, to please bring Cayenne over for her to see, he wanted to follow her progress.


Sienas Red Hot To Trot
08 Jan 1994

Ch  Sienas Power House
15 Nov 1988
E42257 DL46568201
Ch  Sienas Sock It To Em
18 May 1985
CH Siena's Sock It To Em
Ch  Briarbrooks Shake the Blues
05 Mar 1983
HOF Ch Fieldmaster's Three Ring Circus
HOF Ch Patch-Work Quilt
Ch Sienas Bahar of Shadowrock
18 Oct 1981
Ch Fieldmaster Cast the Die
Briarbrook's Diana Ross  
Ch Sienas Glory Be of Shadowmere
04 Feb 1984
Ch Briarbrooks Midnight Express
12 Feb 1980
HOF Ch Fieldmaster's Three Ring Circus
Glaciar Crest Naughty Pine
HOF Briarbrooks Marque Of Patchwork
08 Jun 1982
Ch Suns Mark of Windermere CD
Meshlacon's Three Pine Carbine
Sienas Brite City Lite  CD
04 Apr 1991
Ch  A-Js Light Is Shining
22 Nov 1989
CH A-Js Light Is Shining
Ch  A-Js Chairman of the Board
28 Dec 1985
HOF Ch Briarbrooks Bishop of Wyndridge CD STDcds
Silver Pepper of Southwynd  
Ch  Wyndridge Special Delivery
11 Sep 1984
Ch Fieldmasters Blue Isle Barnstormer
Briarbrooks Simply Sizzlin  
Sienas Shining Brite  CD
02 Mar 1989
E49440 DL50918501 Blue C/W RF

Ch  Sienas Sock It To Em
18 May 1985

CH Siena's Sock It To Em

Ch Briarbrooks Shake the Blues
Ch Sienas Bahar of Shadowrock  
Briarbrook's Right Up Town HOF Ch Fieldmasters Three Ring Circus
Ch Briarbrook's Donna Summer
Topnotch Jalapeno of Bonza!
07 Sep 1993
Topnotch Toone
04 Dec 1990
Blue RF
Topnotch Zachery
Black C/W RF
Marquis Sunny Regards
17 Dec 1986
Red Merle C/W
Windhills Blazing Sun  
Ch Best Regards of Windermere CD STDcds
Topnotch Ticket
01 Jan 1985
Black C/W RF
Topnotch Treat  
Topnotch Tesha of Windsor  
Ch Topnotch Touche'
Blue C/W RF
Ch Downeast Courageous CD
30 Apr 1981
Red C/W
Ch Blue Lad Boomerang Flashfire UD  
Downeast Yankees Shadow  
Ch Topnotch Trixie of Windsor
02 Jul 1981
E12267 AS-2102
Ch Dealer of Windsor
Ch Welcome of Windsor
Topnotch Truce
23 Jul 1987
Red C/W
Topnotch Treat
Black C/W RF
Ch Downeast Courageous CD
30 Apr 1981
E8228 AS-1962
Red C/W
Ch Blue Lad Boomerang Flashfire UD  
Downeast Yankees Shadow  
Ch Topnotch Trixie of Windsor
02 Jul 1981
Ch Dealer of Windsor
Ch Welcome of Windsor
Topnotch Truzetta of Greyhaven
Red Merle C/W
Topnotch Red Wool
01 Feb 1980
E5109 Red Merle C/W
Ch Topnotch Trampus CD OTDcds  
Topnotch Trinket Of Las Rocosa  
Briarbrooks Ruddy-Roo
08 Jun 1978
Red Merle
Higgins Fast Buck of berry creek  
Ch Bar Lazy K's Diamond Lil of Las Rocosa CD  


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