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These questions are designed to help you focus your thoughts on what you're looking for in a dog. It will also help us find just the right puppy for you and your family. These dogs can be a part of the family for 15+ years, so finding the perfect match is important.

Be prepared to set aside time to fill this out and read in the included links.

PLEASE BE DETAILED & SPECIFIC! You can't write too much! In fact, one way to get rejected quickly is to provide brief uninformative answers that do not tell us much about you & your lifestyle. All I have to base my initial yes/no response on will be your answers to these questions. This is the first step to opening what may be a lifelong dialogue.

Name, address, phone number, email address:

1. Describe your current household (people & animals, ages, sex, breed, species.)

2. How did you learn of Bonza?

3. Are you interested in a puppy or a young adult?

4. Do you have a particular time frame in which you'd like to acquire your puppy or dog? We rarely breed more than 1 litter per year, so you may have to wait. Are you willing to wait for the right dog?

5. Are you looking for a 'mini' or a 'standard'? I breed both, so please specify.

6. While my goal is to produce dogs 17"-19" tall and up to 45 lbs, size cannot be absolutely guaranteed, will this be an issue for you?

7. Describe your typical day & lifestyle, including your work schedule, and how a puppy's needs will be met.

8. Describe your home & yard (location, set up, provisions for the dogs, where dogs sleep, hang out)

9. Why do you want an Aussie? If you've owned them before why not go back to that breeder for a puppy? Do you know that Aussies shed - a LOT?  Are you aware that some Aussies can't take Ivermectin & related drugs?

10. What dogs have you had during your life? What happened to those dogs?

11. Why are you specifically interested in one of OUR pups?

12. How will you be housebreaking this puppy? (Are you familiar with crate training ?)

13. What trainers/books do you admire & follow? Why? (Check out my resources page.)

14. What are your training goals?

15. What puppy & training classes are available to you locally? Are you familiar with clicker training ? (To find a good trainer, start here.)

16. What do you want in an Aussie? Be very specific about the sex/appearance, energy levels, your goals & expectations, including behaviors that you would consider unacceptable (besides aggression, that's a no brainer ;~D). Please explain why you feel the way you do.

17. What would happen if this puppy developed physical or behavioral problems, especially if they prevented it from meeting your goals? Would you ask for my advice if problems arose?

18. What do you feed (or are planning on feeding) and why? Are you familiar with these varieties?

19. You will be required to spay or neuter your pup at maturity, i.e. a bitch after her first season (after 1 year) or a dog after his first birthday, but not before. Would this requirement, or the timing of it, be an issue to you?

20. With rare exceptions, our puppies are sold with limited AKC or MASCA registrations; (this may be changed if you plan to show your puppy). Do you plan to show in the breed ring?

21. We use limited vaccinations as per several expert opinions - are you willing to follow our recommendations? Is your vet?

22. We select the puppies for each family, since we know our pups better than anyone else. If two equally suitable puppies are available, then we allow the puppies and you to choose each other. How do you feel about this? (Note: even if approved, if we do not have a puppy who matches your needs, we will not sell you a puppy from that litter. This is for the benefit of both you and the puppy. Getting the wrong puppy will make no one happy.) Again - this does not mean you have no say in the matter, we work together. The more you communicate with me, the better. Whilst of course we accommodate your preferences where possible, are you willing to consider our advice on the most suitable puppy for your household and lifestyle, even if that conflicts with your ideal?

23. What do you expect from us as your puppy's breeder? Are you willing to stay in close contact with us, openly discuss any training or health problems that may arise, and notifying us of any changes in contact information?

24. Do you agree to give us right of first refusal should you be unable/unwilling to keep the dog? (This means that if, at ANY time during the life of the dog, you can't keep your dog, send it back to us and we'll keep it until we find it a good home. We don't want any of our 'babies' ending up in shelters or inferior homes!)

25. We do request that you have your dog's hips tested for hip dysplasia (using the Ortolani maneuver) at the time of neutering or at 2 years of age for intact animals so that we can track any problems. Are you willing to do this? (This is vital for my breeding program, to help me produce the healthiest dogs possible for future generations.)

26. If I ask for references from your veterinarian, trainer, and/or two personal friends, will you be willing to provide them?

27. What questions/concerns do you have? Please feel free to ask any questions about our dogs. I regularly spend hours with people who contact me, even those who acquired their dogs elsewhere, just to help them out. It's what I'm here for!

28. According to my contract a) what kinds of dog food should be avoided?   b) what training methods should be used?   c) at what age should the dog be spayed/neutered?

29. Have you read all the links included in this questionnaire (really, honestly ;~D) ?

30. Do you have any questions for me?

If you don't hear from me within 48 hours, please drop me a line. I try to set aside a couple of hours for answering a questionnaire, and occasionally an email gets buried under a ton of new emails. ;~D

Please feel free to email or call us. Visitors are welcome! Thank you for taking the time to answer our questions, and for your interest in a Bonza puppy!


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