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Jally (pronounced Holly) was our foundation bitch. She had a blocky head and heavy bone, but most importantly a rock solid temperament. The kids could do anything to her (and did!) and it never bothered her. I still miss her terribly! Jally produced (among others) Bonza! Mexicali Rose (Cali), Sierra's foundation bitch, Bonza! Silver Fawn (who produced several champions), Bonza! Moonlight Serenade (mother of Bonza! Chyna Blue Moonbeams), and Bonza! Cayenne of Cabocoons, who produced several champions in Sweden.

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Moon is one of the offspring from the Jimmy/Silver cross. He took multiple breed and group wins in his limited show career, including winning MASCA's first national specialty! When bred to Bonza! Moonlight Serenade he produced Chyna, who had a major impact on the miniature Aussie.

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Belle was from our Reddi/Jally cross. Belle inherited her mother's wonderful temperament and drive. In fact, I think that for the first 3 years of her life she thought her name was 'Hush Belle, No Belle', because she heard it so often! She could jump a 4 ft fence from a standstill, and for some reason was fascinated by the site of me brushing my teeth. She was also an obsessive ear washer. She chewed the ears off dozens of stuffed animals when she was younger, (how does a dog recognize ears on a toy??) until Savannah learned to put them away. Then she moved on to the cats. The cats went around with perpetually wet heads.

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Carny is such a special dog. I always swore I would never part with her. Unfortunately my circumstances changed, so she only had 2 litters before being retired. Her son Freedom earned his AKC championship (including a 5 pt major) with limited showing, despite only being 18" tall.

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Cloudy is another girl I had to part with due to changed circumstances. She was Danny's special baby before going to her new home. She liked to dance for her supper. She'd rear up and twirl in a circle before we put her dish down. :-D She only had one litter, and of that 2 went to performance homes. One quickly earned her conformation title, and the other is working toward performance titles.

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