Our dogs are house pets, none of our dogs are kenneled. Our bitches' whelping box is set up in our bedroom, and remains there for the first 4 - 6 weeks of the puppies' lives. This gives me the opportunity to constantly monitor the puppies' temperaments, growth and care.

Due to the amount of time and energy devoted to our puppies we usually have one litter per year. We will never arrange a breeding unless we are absolutely convinced it will be an asset to the breed.

Naturally, all of our dogs have had their hip and eye clearances, all puppies have their eyes cleared before leaving, and are placed with a lifetime placement guarantee. This means that if, at any time in the life of the dog, you as the owner are no longer able to keep it, I want the dog back. Bonza doesn't want any of its puppies ending up in an animal shelter or inferior home!

If you are interested in one of our puppies, please take the time to fill out my questionnaire. This not only helps me get to know you & what your needs are in a puppy, it also might trigger questions in your mind that you would like to ask me.

Ivy has been bred to Jimmy (Ch Sundown's Good Ole Boy Jimmy Jo) for a litter due

Pedigree Jimmy/Ivy Litter

                                                      Ch Propwash Manape Ghostrider
                                       Ch Elite's Eisen On The Cake
                                                     Ch Rosewood's Summertime Romance
                         Foxpointe's Easy Rider
                                                      Ch Casa Blanca Tot'ly Awesome Dude
                                       Ch Foxpointe's Kandee Kisses
                                                      Ch Foxpointe's Kissin Kate
        Ch Sundown's Good Ole Boy Jimmy Jo
                                                      Ch Rosewood's Red Hot Special
                                       Ch Summertime Showdown of Old West
                                                      Ch Summertime Afternoon Delite
                        Sundown's Fizzle Fizzle Pop
                                                      Ch Windhill's Shine On Macon
                                      Sundown's Formal Occasion
                                                      Frankly My Dear at Sundown

Jimmy/Ivy Litter

                                                     Ch Elite's Eisen On The Cake
                                    Foxpointe's Easy Rider
                                                      Ch Foxpointe's Kandee Kisses
                        Ch Sundown's Bring It On
                                                       Ch The Final Spin For Heatherhill
                                       Sundown's No Buts About It
                                                    Sundown's Formal Occasion
         Bonza's Lavender Blue
                                                      Ch Moonlight's Hottest Thing Goin' CD
                                       Ch Snowcrest's Xtream Xposure
                                                      On Q Ames to Please
                        Bonza's Carnation Lily, Lily Rose
                                                      Siena's Red Hot to Trot
                                      Bonza's Cascabel
                                                      Topnotch Jalepeño of Bonza

Indicates an ASCA Hall of Fame sire or dam