Ivy had puppies! Born Jan 4, 2014.

Our dogs are house pets, none of our dogs are kenneled. Our bitches' whelping box is set up in our bedroom, and remains there for the first 4 weeks of the puppies' lives. This gives me the opportunity to constantly monitor the puppies' temperaments, growth and care.

Due to the amount of time and energy devoted to our puppies we usually have one litter per year. We will never arrange a breeding unless we are absolutely convinced it will be an asset to the breed.

Naturally, all of our dogs have had their hip and eye clearances, all puppies have their eyes cleared before leaving, and are placed with a lifetime placement guarantee. This means that if, at any time in the life of the dog, you as the owner are no longer able to keep it, we want the dog back. We don't want any of our puppies ending up in an animal shelter or inferior home!

Puppy families will receive copies of both parents health clearances, as well as the puppy's. They'll also receive a 5 generation pedigree.

If you are interested in one of our puppies, please take the time to fill out my questionnaire. This not only helps me get to know you & what your needs are in a puppy, it also might trigger questions in your mind that you would like to ask me.


Ivy (Bonza's Lavender Blue)

Jimmy (Ch Sundown's Good Ole Boy Jimmy Joe)


We'll update with new pictures and video weekly, so check back often.

We decided to give these puppies southern, or 'redneck' names, because of their father's name.

Click on each picture for a full size version to appear in a new window.

Now called Poppy (or Poppet), this little goof is staying here with us.

Katharine in Santa Fe is going to have fun keeping up with him.

She's like Maureen O'Hara, a mix of spunk & elegance. Kathy in Reno will be showing her.

Cy, of Santa Monica, has decided on Emet, which is Hebrew for 'Truth', for his name.


Nom, nom, nom

Will it hatch and make more balls?

Susan of Santa Fe is getting this girl. She'll get to grow up with her brother!

Ryan, who owned Eclipse, from my Moon/Sara litter years ago, is getting this lover-dumpling. He's calling her Luna.


Claire & Jesse have decided to keep his name. And since they live here in San Diego, I'll get to watch him grow!



Wiped out after entertaining visitors



If I don't move, they won't attack.....

It's MY turn now!

I'm pretty sure it's human, I don't know what's wrong with its head.

Raylene and Ellie Mae


Ellie Mae

The reason shoe laces were invented.


Neener, neener, can't get me!


Just plain cute.

Raylene being unladylike.


She's a concertina!

Silly Raylene again.




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Annabel *
10 oz
1 lb
1lb 5oz
1lb 11oz
2lb 2oz
2lb 13oz
3lb 9oz
Deacon *
13 oz
1 lb 6 oz
2lb 10oz
3lb 3oz
4lb 13oz
Ellie Mae
10 oz
1 lb
1lb 9oz
1lb 13oz
2lb 5oz
3lb 1oz
3lb 14oz
10.5 oz
1 lb
1lb 12oz
2lb 5oz
2lb 14oz
3lb 7oz
4lb 2oz
14 oz
1 lb 7 oz
1lb 14oz
2lb 6oz
2lb 12oz
3lb 8oz
4lb 2oz
Raylene *
13 oz
1 lb 6 0z
2lb 8oz
3lb 2oz
3lb 12oz
4lb 6oz
12 oz
1 lb 5 oz
1lb 14oz
2lb 13oz
3lb 10z
3lb 13oz

(Natural Bob Tail * )



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For information on how to read a pedigree, read this.

Click on each thumbnail to see the full size image. (The original images are various sizes.)

Ch Sundowns Good Ole Boy Jimmy Jo
22 Mar 2004
HOF Foxpointes Easy Ryder
14 Oct 2000
HOF Ch Elites Eisen On the Cake  
16 Apr 1998
HOF Ch Propwash Manape Ghostrider
Ch Propwash Phantom of the Sky
HOF Ch Propwash Boomerang Tangrey
Ch Rosewoods Summertime Romance
Ch Summertimes Special Effects
Ch Summertimes Tangerine Dream
Ch  Foxpointes Kandee Kisses  GS-N JS-N RS-N DNA-CP
17 Feb 1997
HOF Ch Casa Blancas Tot'ly Awsm Dude  RS-E JS-O GS-N
HOF Ch Brigadoons One Arrogant Dude
HOF Ch Milli Vanilli of Heatherhill
HOF Ch Foxpointes Kissin Kate  STDs UD GS-E JV-E-OP RS-E
Ch Jubilees Plain Brown Wrapper  CD CH Jubilee's Plain Brown Wrapper CD
HOF Sundowns Hot Blue Daisy
Sundowns Fizzle Fizzle Pop
04 Jul 1996
Blue C/W
HOF BIS BISS Ch Summertime Showdown of Oldwest CGC
15 May 1990
HOF Ch Rosewoods Red Hot Special
HOF Ch  Some Like It Hot of Adelaide
Rosewoods Tribute To Adelaide  CD
Ch Summertimes Afternoon Delite
Ch Tri-bar Macon Whoopie
Stillwaters True-Blue Whisper
Sundowns Formal Occasion
04 Jan 1993
Black RF
HOF Ch Windhills Shine On Macon
Ch Tri-bar Macon Whoopie
Windhills Rise & Shine
Blue C/W
Ch Frankly My Dear At Sundown
Red C/W
HOF Ch Rosewoods Red Hot Special
Daisy Maize of Sundown
Blue RF
Bonzas Lavender Blue
14 Feb 2008
Ch Sundowns Bring It On
24 Nov 2004
HOF Foxpointes Easy Ryder  
14 Oct 2000
HOF Ch Elites Eisen On the Cake 

HOF Ch Propwash Manape Ghostrider
Ch Rosewoods Summertime Romance
Ch Foxpointes Kandee Kisses  GS-N JS-N RS-N

HOF Ch Casa Blancas Tot'ly Awsm Dude  RS-E JS-O GS-N
Ch Foxpointes Kissin Kate  STDs UD GS-E JV-E-OP RS-E
Sundowns No Buts About It
03 Feb 1997
Blue C/W
Ch The Final Spin For Heatherhill
Ch Agua Dulce Final Option 
Moonspinner of Brigadoon
Sundowns Formal Occasion
Black RF
HOF Ch Windhills Shine On Macon
Ch Frankly My Dear At Sundown
Red C/W
Bonzas Carnation Lily Lily Rose
15 Nov 2003
Ch Snowcrests Xtreme Xposure
13 Apr 1998
HOF Ch Moonlights Hottest Thing Goin
HOF Ch Some Like It Hot of Adelaide
Gingerbreds Sweet Success  CD
On Q Ames To Please
Vista Bliss Sir Lucky Luke
Red Merle C/W
Riverviews Black As Coal
Black C/W
Bonza Cascabel
29 Nov 1998
Sienas Red Hot To Trot
Ch Sienas Power House  
Sienas Brite City Lite  CD
Red C/W
Topnotch Jalapeno of Bonza!
Topnotch Toone
Blue RF
Topnotch Truce
Red C/W


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