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AKC reg'd
OFA excellent
CERF clear
MDR1 n/n
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Ivy's Face

Ivy is such a silly cuddlebum! She isn't just a lap dog, she's a 'chest dog', convinced that she should snuggle up under my chin. Especially if I've decided to do something stupid like put a Laptop on my lap.

Thankfully she has no concept of dignity, or she would be perpetually embarrassed. She slides down the stairs on her belly, and wiggles around on the ground in a dance we call the 'tadpole'. She doesn't just lay on the ground with her rear legs behind her in the 'frog' position, she has to wiggle back and forth while she's at it (hence the name 'tadpole'). And she does it on request!

She is also under the mistaken impression that she has ninja skills and can become invisible at will. I know this because she climbs up onto the bed or couch, slithering quietly, careful not to make eye contact. This way I don't know she's there.

These are the litters she's produced.

Link: Q Ivy litter Link: RD Ivy Litter Link: Ace Ivy Litter


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                                                      Ch Propwash Manape Ghostrider
                                       Ch Elite's Eisen On The Cake
                                                     Ch Rosewood's Summertime Romance
                         Foxpointe's Easy Ryder
                                                      Ch Casa Blanca Tot'ly Awesome Dude
                                       Ch Foxpointe's Kandee Kisses

                                                      Ch Foxpointe's Kissin Kate
Ch Sundown's Bring It On
                                                      Ch Agua Dulce Final Option
                                       Ch The Final Spin For Heatherhill
                                                      Moonspinner of Brigadoon
                        Sundown's No Buts About It
                                                      Ch Windhill's Shine On Macon
                                      Sundown's Formal Occasion
                                                      Ch Frankly My Dear At Sundown

Bonza's Lavender Blue

                                                     Ch Some Like It Hot of Adelaide
                                    Ch Moonlight's Hottest Thing Goin' CD
                                                      Gingerbred Sweet Success CD
                        Ch Snowcrest's Xtream Xposure

                                                      Vista Bliss' Sir Lucky Luke
                                       On Q Ames to Please
                                                    Riverview's Black As Coal
        Bonza's Carnation Lily, Lily Rose
                                                      Ch Siena's Power House

                                       Siena's Red Hot to Trot
                                                      Siena's Brite City Lite
                        Bonza Cascabel
                                                      Topnotch Toone
                                      Topnotch Jalapeno of Bonza
                                                     Topnotch Truce


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