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MBIS GRCH Ridgestar Bareback Jack at 74 Ranch CACIB UCI CH, UCI Ehren CH, SCT-I, mHIC, M-I, RO-N, V-2

BIS Gr CH RidgestarN Wigglebutt Casino Royale CGC SCT-I, RO-N, ND-M
BISS Grand CH Wigglebutt James Bond CGC, MASCA V2, mHIC
HOF CH Bluegrass Solo

Ch Patchworks Bluegrass
Ch Taycin's Wee Bonnie Lass
Eaglecreek's Texas Bluebonnet
Ch Wilmeth's Arrogant Dandy CD
Wilmeth's Starstruck Doll
BISS GR CH RidgestarN Wigglebutt Miss Money Penny CGC
BISS Grand CH Wigglebutt James Bond CGC, MASCA V2, mHIC
HOF CH Bluegrass Solo
Eaglecreek's Texas Bluebonnet
Ch Alpines Trueblue Tagalong Ch SF Flash Point Colt .45
Southern Roses Wee Willow
Ch Casadey S'mplelife Starvalley
Moonlight's He's So Fine Ch Moonlights Against All Odds
HOF Ch Moonlight's Hottest Thing Going
Ch Jazz of Bainbridge
Sunshines Flyin' High Ch Sunshine's Action Jackson
Ch Cheyenne Autumn of Woodhaven
Briarbrooks Made In Your Image Ch Briarbrooks Silver Medallion
HOF Ch My Main Man of Heatherhill
Ch Briarbrook's Silver Sequence
Briarbrooks Imagine That II Ch Kaleidescope (Briarbrook's) Case in Point
Ch Heatherhill's Make Mine Mink
74 Ranch Suzette at Quail Run
Ch RKC Sagonige's Go N Full Throttle I-M, RO-N, CGC, V-1
Ch McFinley's Innovative Texas Rodeo
Ch Valhalla's Soaring Blue Hawk Valhalla's Prince Sterling
Emie Lous Got A Hit
Ch Heatherlyz/SL's Sam I Am, CL1, CL2-H, mHIC, CTC, HCTs Ch Startlites Take a Gamble on Heatherly
Heatherlys Queen Of The Tribe
Wanna'Be The Third Charmed Queen Wanna'Be Bit of Hanky Panky CH Wanna'be Just Ducky of A.L.
Wanna'be Razberry
Ridgerunner Giggle N Gossip Ridgerunner Guna Whoop Pass
Littletree Ridgerunner Roxi
GR C h 74 Ranch Wigglebutt Echo In Time CGC, SCT-I, A-N, ND-M, RO-A, AS-N, NTD, DIS-I, SDA-I, OAC, HD-L2S, HD-L2D, V-4
Ch Wigglebutt Light up My Life (Lucas) RL1, RL1 , RL1X, RL2, RL3, RL3, DD-A, CD-M, CD-IM, SCT-N, SCT-I, CD-C HOF BISS Ch GR CH Wigglebutt Adonis

HOF Ch Bluegrass Solo

Eaglecreeks Texas BlueBonnet
Ch Afterall Jive Talkin HOF Ch Heatherhills You Talk too Much
Ch Sunshines Make My Reservation
HOF Ch Heartland's Whispering Brooke
Patchworks Singin in the Rain TLC Unsinkable Noah of Patchworks  
Patchwork's Let It Be Me
Ch Heartland's Embers to Flames Ch Patchworks Bluegrass  
Ch Linderlands Mar-a-lago Bay


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