Bonza Cascabel

Ch Snowcrest's Xtream Xposure

This litter was born Nov 15, 2003. It was an ASCA/AKC litter. We kept Carny, who stayed small.

Bonza's Willing And Able (now Diesel)

Bonza's Carnation Lily, Lily Rose (Carny)

Bonza's Pale Layla (with Aidan)

Bonza's Red Sky At Night (Harley)

Bonza Sierra Shoshone Lovesong (Shoney)

Bonza's Buster Black

Bonza's Reddi And Willing (Will)

'Shoney' and 'Diesel'

How our puppies spend most of their time.

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Ch Snowcrests Xtreme Xposure
13 Apr 1998
HOF Ch  Moonlights Hottest Thing Goin
10 Jun 1989
HOF Ch Some Like It Hot of Adelaide
24 Mar 1985

Ch Sunspot of Windermere
27 Feb 1982
E11119 DL47327101 CH Sunspot of Windermere

HOF  Ch  Windermeres Sunshine of Bonnie Blu  CDX  
Ch  Best Wishes of Windermere  CD STDd  

Ch  Hotsey Todsee of Fireslide 03 Jan 1979
E3485 AS-2502


HOF  Ch  Hot Toddy of Emerald Isle  
HOF  Ch Vanlandinghams Ebony Lace  CD OTDd
Black C/W
Gingerbreds Sweet Success  CD
13 Jun 1987

HOF Ch  Huggie Bear of Shy K&D  CD
05 Apr 1981
E9538 DL46054101

Ch  Beauwoods Starsky  CD
Blue RF
Windmill Hills Regal Fanfare
Red Merle C/W

Stardust Stormys Delight  CD
28 Aug 1981

Blue C/W RF

Ch  Evans Handsome Blue Chips  CD  
Stardust Chinadoll O'Fleetwood
HOF On Q Ames To Please
14 Oct 1994
Vista Bliss Sir Lucky Luke
30 Apr 1992
Red Merle C/W

HOF BIS BISS Ch Summertime Showdown of Oldwest  CGC
15 May 1990
E46436 DL41376601

Ch  Rosewoods Red Hot Special
Ch  Summertimes Afternoon Delite

Jubilees Santas Brandy
26 Oct 1990
E47111 DL42337701
Red C/W

Windhills Federal Judge
Red Merle C/W
Misty Morns Sawyer Brown
Riverviews Black As Coal
11 Apr 1992
Black C/W

Fireslides Kjunmoon of Sundown 23 Sep 1985
E25190 DL51536801

Ch  Bold Echos of Fireslide
Coxs Sadie of Fireslide
Black C/W

Sundown's Liberty Song


Jubilees Nightwatch
Sundowns Sweet Harmony  
Bonza Cascabel
29 Nov 1998

Sienas Red Hot To Trot
08 Jan 1994
Ch  Sienas Power House
15 Nov 1988
E42257 DL46568201
Ch Sienas Sock It To Em CH Siena's Sock It To Em  Ch Briarbrook's Shake the Blues
Ch Siena's Bahar of Shadowrock  
Ch Sienas Glory Be of Shadowmere
Black C/W
Ch Briarbrook's Midnite Express
HOF Briarbrook's Marque of Patch-Work
 Sienas Brite City Lite  CD
04 Apr 1991
Red C/W
Ch  A-Js Light Is Shining CH A-Js Light Is Shining Ch A-J's Chairman of the Board
Wyndridge Special Delivery  
Sienas Shining Brite  CD
Blue C/W RF
Ch Sienas Sock It To Em CH Siena's Sock It To Em
Briarbrook's Right Up Town  
Topnotch Jalapeno of Bonza!
07 Sep 1993
E92821 DL83568301 
Topnotch Toone
04 Dec 1990
Blue RF
Topnotch Zachery
Black C/W RF
Ch Marquis Sunny Regards


Topnotch Ticket  
Ch  Topnotch Touche'
Blue C/W RF
Ch Downeast Courageous  
Ch Topnotch Trixie of Windsor
23 Jul 1987
E34592 DL48242302
Red C/W

Topnotch Treat
Black C/W RF
Ch Downeast Courageous
Topnotch Trixie of Windsor  
Topnotch Truzetta of Greyhaven
Red Merle C/W
Topnotch Red Wool  
Briarbrook's Ruddy Roo CD  

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