Ch Bold Legend's My Classic Beau

Croswhite's Sassy Lass Sami HIC

This cross produced three puppies, all in breeding homes.

Bonza Sassafrass Lassie, owned by Tradewind

Ch Bold Legend Classic Request
(originally Bonza My Classic Request)

Bonza Beau N'Arrow of Destiny


                                                       Ch Footloose N Fancy Free of Ironwood
                                        Ch Almostheaven's Playboy
                                                      Almostheaven's Cholla
                        Almostheaven's Z's A Lover
                                                      Ch Almostheaven's Playboy
                                       Roundart's Play My Request
                                                      Bumblebee's Special Request
         Ch Bold Legend's My Classic Beau
                                                      Ch Affirmed of Sunnybrook
                                       Blue Rock's Crackerjack
                                                      Ann's Lace of Sunnybrook
                        Ch Blue Rock's Ma Blue Classic
                                                      Old Bushmill of Sunnybrook
                                       Fancy Lady of Blue Rock
                                                      Perfection of Sunnybrook

Beau/Sami Litter

                                                      Gomes' Teddy Bear
                                       Valhalla's Redford
                                                      Valhalla's Becky
                        Valhalla's Russel
                                                      Cordova's Spike
                                       Valhalla's Mignonne
                                                      Valhalla's Cookie
         Croswhite's Sassy Lass Sami HIC
                                                      Cook's Joshua
                                       Huffman's Hunk of Coal
                                                       Harris' Sydney
                        Ch Croswhite's Miss Kitty Fox HIC
                                                      Devin's Dampier Dan
                                       O'Niel's Misty Blue
                                                      Rinaldi's Blue Ashley

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