Bonza Australian Shepherds, Boise, ID

For 25 years we have been dedicated to breeding Aussies with beauty, brains, and instinct.
Our dogs have titled in every venue, in 4 countries. But most importantly, they're beloved family pets.

We are dedicated to educating people about what makes a quality Australian shepherd, a quality dog in general, and a quality breeder. We are also concerned with helping prospective owners understand the proper health, temperament and training of the Australian Shepherd, and are always available to answer your questions.

Our dogs are raw fed, haven't been vaccinated for 4 generations, and are healthier than ever! We also use holistic health care as much as possible.

Why 'Bonza'? Bonza is Australian slang for 'fantastic', or 'excellent'. So we breed Bonza Australian Shepherds.

We don't have any litters planned for 2021, but we'd be happy to recommend breeders to you.

Located in beautiful Boise, ID, & sunny San Diego, CA, we welcome visitors.

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